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We are a company that believes in the impact of 360º vision. We think and work for the growth of all parts of our business: our customers, our suppliers, our communities, our team. Everyone’s success is our success.

That’s why we invite you to be part of our team. Trend IT has positioned itself in a very short time among the best in the industry and much of our success is due to the talent of our people. We are sure that this will be a great professional opportunity for you.

At Trend IT you will find an exceptional work environment. You will love working with professionals like you in an environment that faces reality in a versatile way, that is committed to excellence, that believes in team synergy and in a creative culture in which innovative ideas are constantly generated. We invite you to accept the challenge and be part of our company’s success. Together we can reach new goals.

( 3.5 out of 5 Ratings )

What our Employees Think

What Our Employees Say

I like working at Trend IT, because of the work environment and because you can gain a lot of knowledge.

What Our Employees Say

I like working at Trend IT, because people are always willing to help you and because you can always learn something new.

What Our Employees Say

I like working at Trend IT because it allows us to work from home, the work environment is very pleasant, and because we work with wonderful people.

What Our Employees Say

The main reason why I like working at Trend IT is the team, we have a very dynamic team that is always changing, and we are always adapting, which implies a challenge for me, which I enjoy doing every day.

Key Perks

Healthcare Solutions


We think that the human capital is the most important asset in Trend IT and for that reason we believe that the training for the development and motivation of the employees is vital to increase the competitiveness and the achievement of our objectives.

Healthcare Solutions


Technology evolves every day. It is paramount that the Trend IT team stays on the cutting edge with the latest technologies.

Healthcare Solutions

Events and Awards

At Trend IT we value and recognize the effort of the entire team, and for that reason, we work to create a strong team through team-building activities. We like to encourage the professional growth of all employees, through contests, prizes and games, because work can also be fun…

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