Today there are many buzzwords about handling data. Data lakes (data lakes), data warehouse (data warehouse) and database (database), In this article, we are going to talk about the definitions, the key differences and what we see for the future.


The data lake is a place to store structured and unstructured data, as well as a method for organizing large volumes of very different data various sources”.

The data lake ingests data very quickly and prepares them on the march, as the people access them.


a data warehouse collects data from various sources, whether internal or external, and optimize data for his recovery with business purposes.

The data is usually structured, to often coming of relational databases, but also They can be unstructured. Mainly, the data store is designed to collect business information and allows companies to companies integrate their data, manage it and Analyze them on many levels.


Essentially, one database is an organized collection of data. the databases are classified by how they store this data.

the first basics of data were flat and limited to simple rows and columns. Today in day, the foundations of most popular data are – Databases relational Data, who store their data in tables – Object database, who store their class data and object subclasses.